Level: Stage 1

Pre requisite: None required

Additional Cost: None

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Who Is This Course For?

This course is for any student as no background knowledge is assumed.

What Will I Learn?

You will take an active role in planning, carrying out and documenting your own community activity using the community as a resource. You and your teacher will work together to develop a program according to your interest. Your background, skills, experiences and community interests are incorporated into this program, containing both research and practical tasks.

There are six areas of study available:

  1. Arts and the Community
  2. Communication and the Community
  3. Foods and the Community
  4. Health, Recreation and the Community
  5. Science, Technology, and the Community
  6. Work and the Community

How will I be assessed?

For a 10-credit subject, you should provide evidence of your learning through the completion of a contract of work, which involves each of the two assessment types. The nature, scope, and depth of the community activity should be reflected in the time allocated to a 10-credit subject.

Assessment Type 1: Contract of Work

  • Development of Contract
  • Folio
  • Community Activity

Assessment Type 2: Reflection