Level: Stage 1

Duration: Semester

Pre requisite: None required

Further Enquiries:

Who Is This Course For?

Stage 1 Creative Art is for students who have an interest in art or design and wish to explore these areas further.  The areas can include painting, drawing, sculpture, print making, textiles, craft, print design, digital design, installation art and photography. 

What Will I Learn?

Students investigate different artists and art movements, develop and refine ideas to produce a product, reflect on their learning and process, develop skills related to art styles, anlayse and interpret art. 

How will I be assessed?

Students will be assessed on 3 assessment tasks. These assessment tasks include a Product, Inquiry and Practical Skills Folio.


Assessment Type 1: Product 50%

The product requires students to select an area in art or design that they wish to produce a product from. Students explore an area of their own choosing and produce a supporting folio that shows investigating, developing, producing and reflecting.

Assessment Type 2: Inquiry 20%

The Inquiry allows students to explore an artist where they discover the artists style, ideas, influences, techniques and process. Analysis of an artist’s artwork is also required with practical application and reflection on learning and practical attempt.

Assessment Type 3: Skills Folio 30%

Students explore a maximum of 4 skills that they investigate how to achieve the skill, attempting the skill and reflecting on their attempt. Students record their investigation, process and reflection in their skills folio