Level: Stage 1

Duration: Semester

Pre requisite A: ‘C’ grade or better in Year 10 Mathematics and Science

Pre requisite B: ‘C’ grade or better in Physics A

Additional Cost: None

Further Enquiries:

Who Is This Course For?

Students interested in the fundamental scientific nature of the world. It is assumed that students have an understanding of algebraic re-arrangement of formulae, trigonometry and trigonometric functions. Some scientific reporting skills are highly desirable.

What Will I Learn?

The teacher must choose 3 of these per Semester, this will occur at teacher discretion, but all will be covered throughout the whole year

  • Topic 1: Linear motion and forces
  • Topic 2: Electric circuits
  • Topic 3: Heat
  • Topic 4: Energy and momentum
  • Topic 5: Waves
  • Topic 6: Nuclear models and radioactivity

How will I be assessed?

You will demonstrate evidence of your learning assessed as Stage 1 through the following assessment types:

  • Investigations Folio: At least one practical investigation and one investigation with a focus on science as a human endeavour.
  • Skills and Applications Tasks: At least one
This subject leads to a Stage 2 subject with an external examination, so both Physics A & B will have a trial exam.