Level: Stage 1

Pre requisite: None required

Additional Cost: None

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Who Is This Course For?

Students who are interested in how societies, people and culture intersect, are studied, work together and change over time will find this subject rewarding. 

What Will I Learn?

Students will explore and analyse the structures and systems of contemporary societies and cultures.

Over the course of a semester students will investigate two topics relating to concepts and issues in society and culture; one from an Australian perspective and another from a Global perspective. These could include, but are not limited to:

·         The media

·         Popular culture

·         Prejudice and discrimination

·         Racism

·         Gender

·         Class and power structures

·         Lobby and advocacy groups and social change

·         Wealth, work, and status

·         Relationships between societies and natural environments

·         Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies

·         Refugee and migrant experiences and contributions

·         Australians as global citizens

           Peace and conflict

How will I be assessed?

Evidence of learning will be assessed at Stage 1 through the following assessment types. Three to four tasks will be assessed:

·         At least one source analysis: identify, investigate, and analyse different sources to gain insight into social or cultural issues.

·         At least one group activity: working in student led groups, students will investigate the different perspectives on a social or cultural issue. 

·         At least one investigation: Students form and investigate their own inquiry into an aspect of society and culture that interests them.

Society and Culture does lead into a Stage 2 subject; however, it does not have an external exam and as such there will be no trial exam in Stage 1.