Level: Stage 2

Pre Requisite: None

Further Enquiries:

Who Is This Course For?

The study of Creative Arts will support careers in visual art, design, film, theatre, music, interior design, photography, or animation. In Stage 2 Creative Arts students work independently on the development of individual artworks or design products. Students are expected to work as a ‘practicing artist/designer’ who negotiates both practical and research- based assignments.

To be successful, Creative Art at Stage 2 requires sound drawing, literacy and communication skills. Students must be willing to spend at least four hours per week on Art outside of lesson time as well as participating in after school art.

What Will I Learn?

This subject gives you the opportunity to study within and across SACE arts subjects: Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Arts. You will participate in the development and presentation of creative arts products, and analyse and evaluate creative arts products in different contexts and from various perspectives. Over the year you will gain an appreciation of the ways in which creative arts contribute to and shape the intellectual, social, and cultural life of individuals and communities.

How will I be assessed?

School Based Assessment:

  • Assessment Type 1: Product 50%
  • Assessment Type 2: inquiry 20%

External Assessment:

  • Assessment Type 3: Practical skills 30%