May be studied as Stage 2 Creative Arts or Community Connections

*NB. Students may only complete Stage 2 Creative Arts once*

Level: Stage 2

Duration: Full Year (20 Credits)

Pre requisites: Stage 1 Drama

Additional Cost: Cost for attending camps and performances

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Who Is This Course For?

Stage 2 Drama is a stepping stone to professional theatre. Students would need an interest in performance, stage design, set and prop creation, script writing, costume design and directing. 

What Will I Learn?

Students will learn by participating collaboratively in presenting theatrical works to a live audience. Students will gain problem solving, analyzing, evaluating, interpretive, team work, directing, creative design and improvisational skills.

How will I be assessed?

This subject consists of 3 main assessments:

Assessment Type 1: Group Production (40%)

For the group production, students are led by the teacher to work collaboratively through the framework of the Company and Production area of study to conceive, explore, develop, produce, refine, and perform (or present) a dramatic work or product.

The video recording of the presentation of evidence may be up to 15 minutes for multimodal or oral presentations. Where the presentation of evidence includes a written component, it must be accompanied by a video of excerpts. The written component should not exceed 1250 words

Assessment Type 2: Evaluation and Creativity (30%)

Students undertake one or two evaluation and creativity tasks. 

One task (or part-task) should focus on responding to drama. Students produce an analysis and evaluation of dramatic events created by professional drama practitioners

The second task (or part-task) should focus on creating drama. In this task, each student is encouraged to take creative risks and to experiment while imagining, conceiving, and developing a hypothetical creative outcome. The combined total for tasks in this assessment type is a maximum of 12 minutes if oral or multimodal, or 2000 words if written. 

Assessment Type 3: Creative Presentation (30%)

The creative presentation comprises two parts: a presentation and a learning portfolio. 


Students collaborate in small groups of between two and five to conceive, plan, and produce a creative dramatic presentation. The presentation may take a variety of forms including, for example, but not limited to, a live performance, a film or screen production, designs within an ensemble dramatic concept, a workshop, or a masterclass. Each student’s participation in the presentation may involve one or more roles including, for example: actor, designer, director, stage manager, production manager, dramaturge, playwright, screenwriter, film-maker, cinematographer, editor, producer, publicist and promoter.