Level: Stage 2

Pre requisite: ‘C’ Grade or higher in Global Studies at Stage 1.

Additional Cost: None

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Who Is This Course For?

This subject is for students who are interested in geography and/or the wider world around us and how different parts interact together. With the world rapidly changing, geography allows students to understand the changes taking place across human and physical environments and the interactions and interdependencies upon one another.


What Will I Learn?

Students will develop an understanding of the spatial interrelationships between people, places, and environments. They appreciate the complexity of our world, the diversity of its environments, and the challenges and associated opportunities facing Australia and the world.

Over the course of the year, students will explore all of the following topics:

1)    Ecosystems and people

2)    Climate change

3)    Population change

4)    Globalisation


5)    Transforming global inequality.

How will I be assessed?

Students will provide evidence of their learning through six assessments, including the end of year exam. Students complete:

·       four geographical skills and applications tasks

·       one fieldwork report

·       an online examination.