Level: Stage 2

Pre requisite: One semester of Physical Education at a C grade or above in Stage 1

Additional Cost: None

Further Enquiries:

Who Is This Course For?

PE is for students who have a keen interest in a variety of sports. Students will also need to have an interest in how the human body works in exercise and a strong desire to improve in their performance. This course combines sport and physical activity with detailed analysis, hence a good level of literacy is required.

What Will I Learn?

Students will:

  • Apply knowledge and understanding of movement concepts and strategies
  • Reflect on own movement and that of others, both peers and professionals, and apply feedback to improve performance
  • Apply knowledge of the physical processes of the human body during exercise
  • Explore and analyse reasons for being physically active, on individual and cultural levels
  • Apply communication and collaborative skills

How will I be assessed?

* Please note students are no longer marked directly on practical performance

You will be assessed based on:

School Based Assessment:

  • Assessment Type 1: Diagnostics, 3 tasks – 30%
  • Assessment Type 2: Improvement Analysis, 1 task – 40%

External Assessment:

  • Assessment Type 3: Group Dynamics – 30%