Level: Stage 2

Pre requisite: None required

Additional Cost: None

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Who Is This Course For?

Stage 2 Tourism allows students to develop an understanding of the nature of tourists, tourism, and the tourism industry. They investigate local, national, and global tourism, and explore tourism as a business. Students gain an understanding of the complex economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts of tourism. Students consider the ever-changing nature of tourism and how it responds to challenges, opportunities, and realities such as globalisation, economic crises, security issues, environmental needs, world events, and technological developments. Students explore tourism as a business and its impact on the economy. Stage 2 Tourism requires sound literacy, analytical and communication skills, independent learning skills and strong organisational skills.

What Will I Learn?


Operations and Structures of the Tourism Industry, Travellers’ Perceptions, and the Interaction of Host Community and Visitor and Planning for and Managing Sustainable Tourism.

Topics (3 topics)

Applications of Technology in Tourism, The Economics of Tourism, Establishing a Tourism Venture, Indigenous People and Tourism, Management of Local Area Tourism, The Impacts of Tourism, Marketing Tourism, Special Interest Tourism,Responsible Travel, The Role of Governments and Organisations in Tourism, Tourism Industry Skills.

How will I be assessed?

School Based Assessment:

  • Folio 20%
  • Practical Activity 25%
  • Investigation 25%

External Assessment:

  • Examination 30% [Please note: the exam is 2 hours]