ENGLISH – Subject Type: Core; Full Year

In Year 10, students engage with a variety of texts for enjoyment. They interpret, create, evaluate, discuss and perform a wide range of literary texts. These include various types of media texts, including newspapers, film, digital texts, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, dramatic performances and multimodal texts, with themes and issues involving levels of abstraction, higher order reasoning and inter-textual references. Students develop critical understanding of the contemporary media, and the differences between media texts.

Literary texts chosen to support and extend students in Year 10 as independent readers are drawn from a range of genres and involve complex, challenging and unpredictable plot sequences and hybrid structures that may serve multiple purposes. Students create a range of imaginative, informative and persuasive texts including narratives, procedures, performances, reports, discussions, literary analyses, transformations of texts and reviews.

Pathways – Stage 1 English; Stage 1 Essential English