THE ARTS: DRAMA – Subject Type: Choice; Semester 1, Semester 2 or Full Year

Students build confident theatre ensemble skills and learn how to participate collaboratively and creatively in the planning, rehearsal and performance of a whole group performance for an intended audience, in which they participate in an on-stage role as an actor, or off-stage role as a theatre practitioner.

They are able to develop and extend their performance techniques and play making skills through the experience of taking a play script from page to stage. They also learn how to incorporate the design and technical elements of stagecraft into a theatre production.

Students collaborate with others to plan, produce, rehearse and refine at least one major performance (to be presented in Term 2 (Semester 1) Term 4 (Semester 2).

Students demonstrate their application of individual and ensemble performance and design skills.

Students are also required to view and review live theatre as an audience member and to document the page to stage process to critically evaluate, analyse and reflect upon the dramatic works created by themselves and others in written and oral theoretical tasks.

Pathways – Stage 1 Drama; Youth Theatre Ensemble


THE ARTS: MUSIC – Subject Type: Choice; 1 Semester or Full Year

Music is a full year subject. This course focuses on the development of skills in playing, and knowledge of instruments that are usually connected to creating a ‘Band’ – instruments include woodwind, brass, guitar, drums, keyboard and singing. Other instruments can be negotiated with the teacher, but it is the intention of the course for students to form a ‘Band’ and to work collaboratively to develop performances which will be presented each Semester.

The course encourages students with a background in Music to enrol, but students who are highly motivated and willing to enrol in the Instrumental Music Program to learn an instrument can apply to enrol.

This course enables students to increase their understanding of the nature of band performance and song structure, and it will facilitate the development of skills and procedures in:

· Related theoretical concepts

· Aural training

· Performing Music in a Band

· Music appreciation of other Bands


Experience of at least 1 semester of Music at some point across their schooling (including Primary Years) is required OR an audition showing a student’s ability on their chosen instrument.


This course requires a commitment to practice at least 2 hours a week on their chosen instrument and to participate in performances, as they are a part of the assessment.

Students will be required to have consistent access to their musical instrument, which will mean either the student owns their own instrument or that they will need to hire the instrument or access the school’s instrument such as the drum kit. Students will need to bring their instrument to school for every Music lesson and for every Instrumental Music lesson.

Pathway – Stage 1 Music


THE ARTS: VISUAL ARTS AND DESIGN – Subject Type: Choice; 1 Semester or Full Year

The course has been designed to prepare students for the tasks and requirements of SACE Visual Arts and incorporates both 2D and 3D practices. It is preferred that students undertake both semesters because a full year experience in Visual Arts lays a strong foundation for successful senior school Visual Arts. Students will:

· Develop and produce a range of practical work

· Produce a Folio of work, which will be utilised for planning, analysis, research, and reflection

· Complete evaluations that will involve reflecting on the processes applied and quality of their final products

Students manipulate materials, techniques and processes to develop and refine techniques and processes to represent ideas and subject matter in their artworks. Students undertake a range of practical and theoretical tasks to demonstrate the development of concepts and ideas, exploration of media and experimentation, practical application, analysis and responding.

Pathways – Stage 1 Visual Arts – Art; Stage 1 Visual Arts – Design; After School Arts Club