DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES – Subject Type: Split; 1 Term and 1 Semester

This subject encompasses both streams of the Technologies curriculum as outlined in the Australian Curriculum. Students will complete 2 semesters of Technologies, incorporating one unit of Digital Technology.

Students work towards developing Design and Technologies knowledge and understanding through the use, development and impact of technologies in people’s lives design and through concepts across a range of technologies contexts.

Students develop Design and Technologies processes and production skills through critiquing, exploring and investigating needs or opportunities, generating, developing and evaluating design ideas for designed solutions, and planning, producing (making) and evaluating designed solutions.

DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES: ELECTRO TECHNOLOGY – Subject Type: Split; 1 Term and 1 Semester

Electro Technology is an introduction to the principles of electricity. Students develop a range of basic electronics skills that will be built upon with theoretical and practical skills enhanced and assessed in the following areas:

· Workshop Safe Operating Procedures

· Principles of electricity

· Basic electrical safety

· Basic principles of circuits

· Series vs. parallel circuits

· Basic soldering

· Use of Snap Circuit kits

Pathway – Year 9 Electro Technology

DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES: DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES – Subject Type: Split; 1 Term and 1 Semester

Digital Technologies focuses on developing students’ understanding and skills in computational thinking and engaging students with information.

Pathway – Year 9 Digital Technologies