Level: Stage 1

Duration: Semester

Pre requisite A & B: None required

Additional Cost: Excursion  pending performances

**It is expected that students will participate in the required performances.

Further Enquiries:

Who Is This Course For?

Stage 1 Drama is designed for students who would enjoy participating in the planning, rehearsal, and performance of a dramatic work, exploring the ways in which theories and practices have shaped, and continue to shape, drama, and investigating an area of study in the dramatic arts that is of interest to them.

What Will I Learn?

Students learn by participating in creative problem-solving; generating, analysing, and evaluating ideas; developing personal interpretations of texts; learning to set goals and working collaboratively to achieve them; rehearsing, workshopping, and improvising solutions; as well as presenting their product or performance.

The subject consists of the following three areas of study:

  • Presentation of Dramatic Works
  • Dramatic Theory and Practice
  • Individual Investigation and Presentation.

How will I be assessed?

For a 10-credit subject, students should provide evidence of their learning through three or four assessments.

Each assessment type should have a weighting of at least 20%.

Students undertake:

  • One major performance or two minor performances
  • At least one assessment for the folio
  • At least one investigation and presentation.