HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION – Subject Type: Split; Full Year

Health and Physical Education at Year 8 involves theoretical and practical components. A range of sports and physical activities are offered to develop the physical, social and mental aspects of students’ lives. Theory includes a variety of health topics including Relationships, Bullying, Sexual Health, Nutrition, Outdoor Education, basic Anatomy and Physiology, and Sport-Specific theory. For hygiene reasons, students are required to bring a change of top to all practical lessons.

Pathways – Year 9 Health and Physical Education


The program caters for both boys and girls with male and female specific classes being run during year 8 and 9. Students are given the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in sports that are prominent in the community, including Netball, Football, Soccer, Cricket, Touch Football and Basketball via practical sessions run within lesson time.

It is encouraged that students are already involved in these sports within the community. This includes, but is not limited to coaching, nutrition, training, administration, and how a season is structured.

Students are required to apply if they wish to be involved in the program, and upon successful application must adhere to the school’s behaviour policies as these students will be representing both the Sports Academy and Port Augusta Secondary School in both local and regional competitions.

Students will develop strategies to improve sporting performance and monitor this improvement through strategic data collection and analysis. Students will learn to evaluate their strategies and make recommendations for the future.

Sports Academy gives students the opportunity to explore the knowledge, skills and understandings that students are expected to develop and demonstrate in Stage2 (Year 12) Physical Education.

This class is necessary for any students wanting to do Physical Education at year 12.

For further information, please contact the Program Coordinator on 86473300.

Pathway – Year 9 Sports Academy


The Wellbeing curriculum is built around teaching students about the following areas:

· Self-Esteem

· Appropriate Relationships

· Bullying

· Cyber Safety

· Cyber Bullying

· Self-Care

· Resilience

Each of these areas align to The Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum Framework (KS:CPC). KS:CPS is a mandated program in all public schools which teaches children to:

· Recognise abuse and tell a trusted adult about it

· Understand what is appropriate and inappropriate touching

· Understand ways of keeping themselves safe.

Students develop these skills by participating in hands on group activities that allow them to develop an understanding of what is and is not appropriate behaviour. They learn the importance of positive mental health and the ways that it can impact an individual’s life.

They then participate in activities that help to promote a healthy mindset. Students will develop their confidence and oral language skills through group discussions.

Students will not only develop a sense of empathy and resilience throughout the semester’s activities, they will also improve their listening, speaking and reading skills, whilst completing their folio of evidence to showcase the skills they have learnt throughout the semester.