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Core Subjects

All students in Year 9 undertake four (4) core or compulsory subjects for the full year. Subjects include English, Humanities, Maths and Science. Students will remain in their care groups for these subjects. All Subjects are taught in accordance to the Australian Curriculum; please visit the site for more details.

Split Subjects

Year 9 students also have an opportunity to identify a specific pathway, which offers some specialisation for the full year. Specific pathways include: Industry Skills Pathway, Design and Technologies, Health and Physical Education, and The Arts. Subjects from these learning areas include Digital Technology, Electro Technology, Health & Physical Education, Sports Academy, Visual Arts, Design, Drama and Music.

Some of the Year 9 descriptors are the same as those in Year 8. The curriculum in these subjects is structurally similar, however as students’ progress into Year 9 the complexity of the assessment tasks increases and the achievement standards are more demanding. Subject viability will be determined by the number of students selecting each subject and the availability of qualified staff to deliver the content.